David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969)

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Behold... the Originale music video for the David Bowie song Space Oddity from Bowie`s promotional film, `Love You Till Tuesday`, originally released in 1969 and re-released on dvd. I`m very happy to share this rare, unique and odd version of the video and song. EnJoy this piece of space film gold and vintage anti-special effects. I should say, I found this video on the interwebs in 2006. By accident, i meant to download the album Space Oddity. Instead I found this, didn`t find any info about it anywhere, and posted it on the New video sharing website Youtube. I`m just so happy I found it because if not, who knows when this would have been uploaded. And it`s such a wierd, special and super rare video and recording. So glad I can share it with people! Super cool gang!